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For those leagues, 4th grade and higher, which keep standings, the winning coach is ALWAYS expected to add the score of a game, once it is concluded. To do so, follow these directions.

1. Access the Admin section of by entering your email address as the USERID and a PASSWORD you have previously setup in the system. If you do not remember the PASSWORD, ask the system to email you a temporary PASSWORD and then you can change it to whatever you wish. Please retain your PASSWORD for future access.

2. Once you are cleared into Admin, click on "Teams and Schedules" and then in the upper left portion of the screen, "Results". You should see a table listing your game and there should be a "Notepad" symbol t the right which you must click on to gain access to put the score in.

3. After clicking on the "Notepad" symbol you will see a different screen which is more detailed with a place to enter "Points For" and "Points Against" . Enter the score, being certain to assign the correct score to each team.

4. Click the "Submit" button and your score should be registered. Look at your "Results" under "Teams and Schedules"  for your team in the standard (not Admin) mode to be sure the score is reported properly.